Staff For Day-To-Day Services

For Day – to – Day basis services we offer contract wagers with quality and up to mark services. In various fields from executive driver to packers,
party waiters, cleaners and so on. Contact us 03224530027.

Daily / Contract Wagers Services

In a world where news of theft, robbery, kidnapping, subversion, and violence is increasingly disheartening, the need for comprehensive Home/Office staff has never been more critical. Every day, citizen’s grapple with a growing sense of vulnerability, while oneself brunt of these challenges, despite of valiant efforts. In light of these circumstances, we offer contract wagers with quality and up to mark services. In various fields of life from executive driver to packers, party waiters, cleaners and so on. For Day to Day basis services.

Our team comprises highly trained, certified, neat and clean professional Staff.

Executive Driver Services

For your Official or Vocational Trips / Tours with in City or across Pakistan, hire an Executive Driver to make your Travelling more Comfortable and Safe. Experienced in latest Technology like Google maps GPS and basic car mechanical issues. Available on Weekly, Daily and Hourly basis.

• An Impeccable professional behaviour.
• Complete Commitment to Personal Discipline.
• Trustworthy & Quality services for Your Buissness & Family In/Out station Trips, Employ us for safe and guaranteed secure Tours / Voyages.

Car Servicing and Repair Services At Your Door Step.

Whether it’s a scheduled car service, repair or a routine logbook service, we'll help make sure your car’s running as smoothly and safely as can be. Our mechanical staff can visit your house office for services and repairs giving you total peace of mind. You can rely on our mechanics to provide quality workmanship on all car servicing and repairs.

Traditional Thai Massage Services

Traditional Thai massage is an art and science of relaxing the whole body through gentle pressure and stretching techniques. Keeping all of this in mind, it comes as no surprise that traditional Thai massage is frequently referred to as assisted yoga. Everything about traditional Thai massage is meant to improve the flow of energy in your body. In traditional Thai massage, a practitioner uses stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques to relieve stress, promote circulation and increase flexibility, all while you’re lying fully clothed on a mat on the ground.

• Increased ability for movements and control.
• Flexibility in the body and movements.
• Improvement in postural alignment.
• Calms nerves, increases the energy level and imparts a great sense of relaxation.
• Helps release emotional distress and stress.
• Increases blood circulation.
• Improves lymph drainage.
• Improves the condition of internal organs.
• Helps relieve fatigue, swollen extremities, headaches, and painful joints.

Movers and Packers Services

If you are packing all of your belongings and relocating to another house /office. Our professional packers and movers guarantee to provide you with the utmost best services.

• Shock absorbent bubble and polythene wrapping of valuables.
• Customized wrapping.
• Carton packing.
• Padding for furniture.
• Plastic wrapping and bags.
• Dismantling of goods.
• Loading and unloading of goods.
• Unpacking in the new location.

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